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Virtual SA GT 2022 Racing Regulations



The following are the general regulations applicable to online racing (Sim) events run under the auspices of MSA, South African GT Racing Association and ATK SimRacing.


Within the limitations of the chosen simulation platform, the Virtual SA GT championship will replicate the real-life SA GT championship.





Drivers must sign up on the ProSeries website. Driver attendance, results, points, and penalties will be tracked.


The Virtual SA GT is open to South African nationals and residents. 


MSA eLicense

The Virtual South African GT is an MSA Sanctioned series and as such drivers must purchase an MSA eLicense via


Drivers will be asked to provide their valid MSA eLicense before round 1.


Championship Format

Drivers entering will participate in a Round 0 division qualifying which will place drivers into their respective divisions. Drivers will compete in these divisions for the duration of the championship. There will be no promotion and relegation system. 



Depending on the number of entrants, the Virtual SA GT will have Pro, Pro-Am, and Am divisions and will be limited to 30 drivers per division. 


Note: If entrant numbers are under 45 drivers then only the top 30 drivers will participate in the Pro division and the remaining drivers will take a reserve driver role should a Pro division driver be unable to participate in a race, or retire from the championship for whatever reason. 


Should there be 45 or more entrants, then Pro-Am and Am divisions will be implemented. Only the Pro division will be live-streamed. 


Race Day Times

Practice: 08:00 to 16:00 on Saturday

Qualifying: 16:00 - 30 Mins on Saturday

Race 1: 14:00 - 60 Mins  on Sunday

Race 2: 16:00 - 60 Mins  on Sunday


Practice Servers

Practice servers with race and qualifying conditions will only be available to drivers on the day of qualifying. 



Drivers must participate in Saturday qualifying which will determine the grid order for Sunday's Race 1. Drivers who don’t participate in Saturday qualifying will start Race 1 from the back of the grid in random order.


Starting Grids

Race 1 grid is determined by Saturday Qualifying

Race 2 grid is determined by lap times in Race 1 


Starting Procedure

Starting procedure will be a rolling start. 


Drop Rounds

Drivers will drop their single worst round at the end of the season. 

This will cover unforeseen circumstances such as -  but not limited to - power failures, internet failures, and hardware/software failures.


Mandatory Pitstop

There is 1 mandatory refueling pit stop . 


Win Ballast

There will be no win ballast



Car Choice

The Virtual SAGT will use the GT3 World Series V1.20 Mod which is accessible via the rFactor2 workshop in Steam.


Race Restarts

A race will be restarted only if an uncontrolled event affects a significant number of drivers on the grid. Those uncontrolled events can be - but not limited to - a first lap incident affecting 50% or more of the grid or a mass disconnection event of a significant number of drivers.


Race stewards will determine if such events require a safety car or a full race restart. 


Should a mass disconnection event occur during a race, the race will be restarted at a reduced race length, either on the original qualifying grid should the disconnection event occur in the first 5 laps, or track positions 1 lap before the disconnection event. If 75% of the race has been completed then the results will be finalized from the lap before the disconnections occurred. Depending on the severity of the mass disconnection, the restarted race may be rescheduled for a later date.


Mass disconnections are an event where a significant number of drivers disconnect at one time. This does not cover single disconnections over the course of the race.


Communication platform

Organisers and series admin will make use of the ProSeries Discord as primary communication platform for ProSeries 2022. 


In-Game Communication

In-game text chat functionality is for use by race stewards and race organisers.  Drivers may not use the text chat functionality in-game and transgressions are punishable with penalties.


Promotion and Relegation

Depending on entrant numbers, a promotion and relegation system may be implemented. Top 3 and bottom 3 drivers will promote or relegate based on overall points for each race weekend.


  • Order of preference for demotion: 

  1. Rage-quit

  2. No-show

  3. Second-sign-out

  4. Bottom 5 qualifiers



Sign-out Procedure

Due to the locked divisions, it is essential that drivers sign out using the #driver-sign-out channel in the ProSeries discord. Drivers who don’t arrive without signing out will gain a penalty. Drivers are allowed 2 sign-outs for the season. Two no shows will result in exclusion from the Virtual SA GT.


Live Stream

The Pro Division qualifying and races will be live streamed with live commentary.


Live Stewarding

There will be no live stewarding for the Virtual SA GT championship.


Custom Liveries

Custom liveries are encouraged and must adhere to the following guidelines.


  • Must include the SA GT window banner

  • Must include the SA GT number boards

  • Only family appropriate liveries are acceptable

  • May only use logos a competitor has rights to use

  • Proof of logo permission may be requested


The livery pack which includes the SA GT window banner and number boards can be downloaded at the following link:


Liveries must be submitted to Jonathan Bentz#1163 via Discord.


Load Shedding

With the South African electricity supply being what it is, Load Shedding may affect drivers with little warning. Should there be a significant number of drivers affected by load shedding, race stewards or tournament administrators may reschedule the race for a later date. 


Should load shedding affect a significant number of drivers during the course of a race, mass disconnection rules will come into effect.



Drivers wishing to enter this MSA-sanctioned Sim Racing series shall be required to purchase an MSA annual eLicense. This license will be valid for the calendar year in which it is purchased and will bind each event/series, and drivers, to this MSA Sim Racing Ruleset. 


Each MSA-sanctioned Sim Racing event or series shall have a race steward panel, which will enforce the ruleset and be responsible to MSA.


Each driver’s MSA eLicence will accrue warning and penalty points which may result in qualifying and race bans as well as loss of championship points should enough points be earned. Penalty points will be tracked by series organisers


Public Behaviour

Drivers participating in the Mercedes-Benz ATK Pro Series 2022 will need to conform to an expected level of public decency. 


Public outbursts will be investigated as race incidents and penalties will be applied as such. This may include - but shall not be limited to - time penalties, qualifying bans or race/series bans.


Examples of unacceptable conduct:

  • Finger pointing aimed at race organisers and/or other drivers on public communication and social platforms

  • Foul language in-game text

  • Foul language in voice communication platforms

  • Outbursts and beratement of organisers or drivers

  • Live stream text chat behaviour may result in channel bans or race penalties for associated team mates



Drivers will be allowed 10 penalty points over the course of the season after which the driver will be removed from the series. 


Safety Car

The safety car is a tool for the race stewards to keep all the drivers on the same race lap after a significant incident. The number of cars involved in the incident will be determined by the Race Director and Stewards on a case by case basis.

Once race stewards have deemed an incident as a safety car incident:

  • Drivers will receive a safety car notification via in-game text and or Discord

  • Drivers will then be in a no-overtake scenario

  • The safety car will exit the pits and circulate slowly until P1 is reached

  • Drivers reaching the safety car before the P1 driver will be indicated to overtake

  • P1 must not overtake the safety car

  • Drivers affected by the incident will be allowed to pit

  • Lapped drivers will be indicated to overtake the field and unlap themselves

  • The safety car may dictate a slower pace to allow drivers to unlap themselves quicker

  • The end of the safety car period will be announced in Discord as well as in-game text “Safety Car in this lap”

  • The safety car will then enter the pits at the end of that lap and P1 will assume the role of the safety car until the last corner, after which the start will be as per a normal race start.

  • P1 will restart the race after the last turn at a pace of his discretion


Drivers are expected to drive with awareness and understanding behind the safety car. Be aware of hard braking cars and unseen upcoming danger. Unsafe driving under the safety car will be investigated by the race stewards and punished accordingly.


NOTE: Safety Car interventions are specifically designed to bring an uncontrollable situation under control. It allows prejudiced drivers the luxury of repair at a slowed down pace, thus assisting those unfairly damaged a fair chance of further game participation and enjoyment. 


Lengthy Safety Car interventions are not fun for anyone and as such the stewards will restart a race as soon as they possibly can. Drivers are urged to respect the latitude granted by a safety car period and to hurry up the process.


Driving Standards

Competitors will receive a penalty for driving infringements. These will range from a 5 second penalty added to race time, up to race exclusion or race ban.


Any manual penalty issued is above any in-game penalties automatically issued by the software.  


The decision to impose a penalty is solely at the discretion of the Steward Panel (any dispute among the stewards will result in the senior steward making the final decision). 


The driving standards penalty schedule will be as follows: -


NOTE: When making decisions of CLOSE PROXIMITY the below reference points will be referred to as the “A” Pillar, “B” Pillar or “C” Pillar of the car.

DS 01_Start Procedure Infringements

In-game penalties for start infringements are not up for review, it is the driver’s responsibility to adhere to the start procedures in-game. 


DS 02_Cut In

Means that an outside car constricts the drivable section towards the curve center (Apex) thus forcing the other (inside) car to leave the drivable section either partially or completely for passing the curve. It is irrelevant if the cars have touched each other or not. A prerequisite is, however, that the offending (outside) car must be at least with the C pillar equal to the A pillar of the inside car.


An advantage is at hand, if (either/or):


DS 02A - Inside car suffers a position loss.

DS 02B - Inside car suffers damage leading to a position loss or retirement (Pit Stop) within the same lap.


DS 03_Edge-Into

Means that the inside car drives next to the outside car (e.g. to start an overtaking action) without possessing enough drivable sections (including kerbs). It is irrelevant if the inside car is completely or partially next to the outside car or if the inside car is completely or partially off the track.


An advantage is at hand, if (either/or):


DS 03A - The inside car wins a position.

DS 03B - The outside car loses a position.

DS 03C - The outside car suffers damage leading to multiple position losses or retirement (pit Stop) within the same lap.


DS 04_Push-Out

Means if the center car constricts the drivable section towards the outside line forcing the outside car to leave the drivable section either partially or completely. 


It is irrelevant if the cars have touched each other or not. 


A prerequisite is, however, that the offending (center) car must be at least with the C pillar equal to the A pillar of the outside car.


An advantage is at hand, if (either/or):


DS 04A - The center car wins a position.

DS 04B - The outside car suffers a position loss.

DS 04C - The outside car suffers multiple position losses or retirement on the same lap.


DS 05_Bump

Means that the front of the trailing (following) car touches the rear of the front (lead) car. 


Neither the reason nor the intensity of the contact is relevant. Only the consequences of the impact are relevant to judge an advantage, not the impact itself.


An advantage is at hand, if (either/or):


DS 05A - The trailing car wins a position, and the previous order cannot be restored within the next 2 corners.

DS 05B - The lead car suffers a position loss.


DS 06_Weaving

(ZIG-ZAG left & right) means that the lead car (car in front) changes the driving line more than once (one time to defend and then return to the racing line) on a straight track section for more than a car width. 


Weaving is determined by the intention of a leading car to break the slip stream effect of the trailing car in order to prevent the trailing car from lessening the gap, or to make an attack on the leading car. It is irrelevant if the trailing car is close enough to attack the leading car in the following corner. 


A driver may weave in an attempt to heat or clean the tyres while they are not in a battle with a trailing car. 


DS 08_Rage Quit

Means a driver frustrated with either his performance in game, or a race incident, or a reaction to a penalty received in game, disconnects and leaves the game.


This type of action is deemed as poor or bad sportsmanship and can result in a penalty by the stewards. 


DS 09_Intentional Contact

Means a driver frustrated with either his or fellow competitors’ performance in game or a reaction to a penalty received in game and willfully drives his car into other cars without any care or attempt to prevent avoidable contact.


This type of action is deemed as poor or bad sportsmanship and can result in preclusion from future participation of between 1 race to a life ban at the discretion of the stewards panel.


Incident Reporting Procedure

To report an incident in a race, fill out the form at the link below. Be sure to provide all necessary details. Stewards won't investigate reports with missing information.


Incident reporting is only open for 6 hours after the race has ended. Any incidents reported after 6 hours will not be investigated.

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