Mercedes-Benz ATK ProSeries  - PC Regulations

Assetto Corsa Competizione




To hold a PC-based sim racing series using Assetto Corsa Competizione over 6 rounds to find the top 10 finalists who will compete in the MSA Showdown on the 31st of July to 1st of August 2021, against 10 Playstation finalists and 4 additional community wild card entrants. The ultimate winner of the MSA showdown will represent South Africa at the FIA Motorsport Games which takes place in October 2021.


Mercedes-Benz ATK Pro Series - Assetto Corsa Competizione


Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz ATK Pro Series, South Africa’s Premier Sim Racing Series. Fielding the top PC drivers in South Africa, the competition has never been closer. Can Zaahir Essa retain his crown? Can Basheer Jadwat and Jordan Sherrat take the top step at the end of the season? Or will we see new talent looking to make a name in South African SimRacing. 


The Mercedes-Benz ATK Pro Series fields a new and improved ruleset aimed at closer racing. Adopting more real-life regulations that will bring the field closer together, a harsher stance on misbehaving drivers encouraging a cleaner field of drivers and an improved race-day schedule that will see Pro Series move to a single day of competition on the weekend. 





















Division Qualifying

Drivers will be split into equal size divisions randomly. Each division will attend a 30-minute qualifying session which will be streamed live.


Race Day Times


To be determined by number or entries and divisions.


Drop Rounds

Drivers will drop their single worst round at the end of the season. This will cover unforeseen circumstances such as -  but not limited to - power failures, internet failures and hardware/software failures.


Race Classes



Car Selection

Drivers will be allowed to select any of the GT3 cars available in
Assetto Corsa Competizione. Drivers will be limited to their car
selection from the start of Round 0 until the end of Round 3.

Drivers may change car from the beginning of round 4 and will be limited
to this choice until the end of round 6. Deadline for changing car will
be 11.59 pm 29 May 2021. No car changes will be accepted after this


Pro, Pro-Am, Am, Silver, Bronze

Target of ~30 drivers per division,  to be amended based on number of entrants


Promotion Relegation

  • Top 5 drivers in pre-race qualifying will be promoted to the above division for the next round. 

  • Bottom 5 drivers in pre-race qualifying will drop to the lower division next round. 

  • Race results are not considered for promotion-relegation due to uncontrolled incidents.

  • Drivers will have 1 round demotion grace for being unable to attend a race. Drivers are required to sign-out of races they cannot attend via website/discord. A second sign-out will result in a demotion. 

  • No-show will automatically demote for the next race. 

  • Rage-quit will automatically demote for the next race.

  • Order of preference for demotion: 

  1. Rage-quit

  2. No-show

  3. Second-sign-out

  4. Bottom 5 qualifiers



All drivers in all divisions will score points. Points to be amended based on number of divisions and driver entrants. Bonus points will be awarded for Pole Position and Fastest Race lap for all divisions.



Race Format

Practice - 5min

Qualifying - 15min

Race - 50min


Mandatory Pitstop

Yes - Tyre change


Weather / Conditions

As per real-life ambient temperature. Due to changeable and random weather settings, rain conditions will not be guaranteed compared to the real-life weather conditions. Where needed, static rain conditions may be used. 


In-game Race Times

Per track


Win Ballast

Win Ballast
Top 5 drivers in Pro division will earn ballast to be carried to the
next race. Ballast earned by a driver will only be carried for 1 round
before it is reset. If a driver carrying ballast achieves a top 5
result, he will carry only the new success ballast for the next race.
Ballast drivers will not be eligible for relegation if they find
themselves in the relegation zone in pre-race qualifying.

P1 - 80kg
P2 - 60kg
P3 - 50kg

P4 - 40kg
P5 - 30kg


Live Stream with Commentary

Pro Division


Live Race Stewards

All divisions


Manual Entry list

Entry list will control car choice and win ballast


Race Rejoins

After a driver is disconnected from the server he may rejoin during the race to complete the race and earn points. The server will remain open for rejoins.


Custom Liveries

Yes, as per MSA Ruleset


It is recommended that each driver run ONLY THEIR OWN custom livery. Do not load other competitors' liveries. This will help combat the loading freeze experienced by drivers when another driver joins the server. Thus, liveries will not be made available for other drivers to download.


Mercedes-Benz ATK Pro Series will not be held liable for game freezes caused by custom liveries. It is the responsibility of each driver to manage their custom liveries to prevent this.


Custom liveries must be submitted to or Jonathan Bentz#1163 via discord for approval. Livery cutoff will be the Saturday before each race. Liveries received on Sunday will not be loaded onto Production machines.


Safety Car

Mercedes AMG GT4. Driven by a race steward. 


Safety car regulations as per the MSA Ruleset


Race Restarts

If a race restart is called within the first 5 laps, dumpentrylist will create a starting grid based on Qualifying positions.


A race will be restarted if a significant number of competitors are disconnected or more than 50% of the grid is involved in a first lap crash. 


Load Shedding

As per MSA Ruleset



Entry is open to all South African Citizens with a valid South African ID. You will be required to enter online via You will also be required to join the Pro Series Discord Channel.

MSA eLicense

Entry into the Mercedes Benz ATK ProSeries will require an MSA eLicense. This license will allow the driver to enter any MSA-sanctioned e-event during the course of that calendar year. The MSA eLicense is available directly from MSA’s website at a cost of R200.