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Press Release: MSA Showdown

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

In 2020 Motorsport South Africa, the sanctioning body of the FIA for South Africa, nominated the organisers of the Pro Series Sim Race, ATK Esport (Pty) Ltd (ATK) as the officially recognised sim racing event from which the top driver will be picked as the representative for South Africa at the FIA Motorsport Games 2021 from 29 - 31 October 2021.

The Pro Series 2021 consists of 2 independent race leagues of approximately 100 sim racing drivers on 2 gaming platforms, namely PC and PlayStation. The top 20 will be decided upon from these two leagues while 4 wildcard entries have been awarded to external racing series.

It was planned that a full studio event was set to take place for the conclusion of the series and subsequent MSA Showdown. Due to the recently re-introduced COVID level 3 lockdown and looming prospect of further restrictions, ATK has taken the decision to host the 2021 MSA Showdown fully online with a live stream showcasing the event.

Following the conclusion of the Pro Series 2021 on 12 July 2021 the MSA Showdown will commence as follows:

18 July 2021: Top 24 drivers reduced to top 10 through a series of racing events over the course of 1 day

19 -30 July 2021: Driver Preparation in their own time

31 July 2021: Final Event, Multi-platform, multi-discipline

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