Mercedes-Benz ATK Pro Series - Playstation Regulations

In Association with GT Sport South Africa



To hold a Playstation-based sim racing series using Gran Turismo Sport over 6 rounds to find the top 10 finalists who will compete in the MSA Showdown on the 31st of July to 1st of August 2021, against 10 PC finalists and 4 additional community wild card entrants. The ultimate winner of the MSA showdown will represent South Africa at the FIA Motorsport Games which takes place in October 2021.


Mercedes-Benz ATK Pro Series – Gran Turismo Sport


Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz ATK Pro Series, South Africa’s Premier Sim Racing Championship. Fielding the top GT Sport drivers in South Africa, the competition has never been closer. Will regulars like RTA_DONKEY27, KLM_Pace, RTA_DeakyP, RTA_SAFFA or DMRe_Deano take the top step at the end of the season? Perhaps some returning members such as GTAS_Peetham, GTAS_Caddy or Gualtieri_911 making massive comebacks? Or will we see a new talent looking to make a name in South African Sim Racing? 


This series promises close racing, tough competition with lots at stake. An emphasis is placed on aligning with the PC series running simultaneously as well as highlighting the wide spectrum of vehicles in the Mercedes stall.

























Division Qualifying

A division qualifying round (Round 0) will be held to determine the starting pools for the season proper. The event will be based on randomized pools with each pool being allocated a 30-minute session to post their times.


Pools & Points

Event pools will consist of 13 racers per pool. Points will be staggered across the pools.


Race Day/Times

Races will take place on Mondays after the PC rounds. Times to be advised based on the number of entrants. All pool 1 races will be streamed via the Pro Series YouTube channel.


Throw-Away Race

Each driver’s worst race will be dropped in determining the total points standings for the season. This will cover unforeseen circumstances such as, but not limited to, power failures, internet failures and hardware/software failures.


Car Selection and Class

Each event will be a single make event whereby all drivers will be required to race the same car. 


A promotion/relegation system will take place whereby the top 3 of each pool will get promoted to the pool above and the bottom 3, demoted to the pool below.


  • No-Shows will automatically be demoted to the pool below as well as be penalized 15 log points

  • Rage-quits will automatically be demoted to the pool below as well as be penalized 15 log points

  • AD’s or Disconnects during the race will receive last place points in their respective pool and will possibly be demoted dependent on the number of racers completing the race


If you are unable to attend a race, please make it known to the admin team at least 48 hours ahead of the event via the official Discord section.


Points Allocation

To be finalized and communicated upon the final entry list. Below is an example of the points structure:








The top 10 drivers in the final Series standings will qualify for the MSA Showdown at ATK Arena in Cape Town.


In the event of ties on points, the following tie-breaker rules will apply:


  1. The driver with the best individual race positions will advance starting with pool 1 and moving down.

  2. Should a tie still exist, the initial seeding time will determine who will advance.

  3. Should a tie still exist, a coin toss will be used to determine who will advance.


Race Format

Qualifying – 15 Min

Race – 40 Minute Endurance Race


Fuel & Tyre Wear

Fuel & Tyre wear will vary depending on the car and track for each round. These will be communicated in due course.


In-game Penalty & Other Settings



Entry is open to all South African Citizens with a valid South African ID. You will be required to enter online via You will also be required to join the GTSSA Discord Channel where there will be dedicated sections pertaining to this series.


Post-Race Stewarding

Any on track incidents which require review can be submitted to the incident review panel by submitting replay footage from all vehicles’ chase cam point of view from 5 seconds before the incident to 5 seconds after the interview. The incident review panel’s decision is final and post-race penalties will be applied to total race time before final pool positions will be determined for each round.


Race Night Restarts (Auto-Drive and/or Other Connection Issues)

The following procedures highlights race nights:


  • Lobbies will open approximately 30 minutes before qualifying. Please enter as soon as you can.

  • Hosts will perform 1 test start 15 minutes before Qualifying to ensure people with internet issues can restart their routers, Playstations and clear their cache.

  • At the start of Qualifying, the host will reset the track conditions and advise that Qualifying is live.

  • At the 15-minute mark (Lobby time counter) the host will start the race. Please ensure you are on track, on the correct tyre and passed sector 1 before the 15-minute mark otherwise you will start at the back of the field.

  • If any driver has Auto-Drive issues on race start, he will be required to advise the field of this via the in-game chat function. Everyone will exit and the restart procedure will take place:

    • The host will change the grid to set by the host to restore the correct starting order.

    • The driver(s) who had the Auto-Drive issues will be moved to the back of the grid for the restart.

  • The host will then restart the race for the final time. Anybody who then has auto-drive issues is required to exit the lobby as soon as possible as to not impede the other racers.


Please note that Auto-Drive generally occurs when you are on the incorrect NAT-Type or running over a Wi-Fi connection. It is not the responsibility of GTSSA or the Host if you are having connection issues with your internet.

MSA eLicense

Entry into the Mercedes Benz ATK ProSeries will require an MSA eLicense. This license will allow the driver to enter any MSA-sanctioned e-event during the course of that calendar year. The MSA eLicense is available directly from MSA’s website at a cost of R200.

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